The best way to start something, I’ve found, is to plunge right in. Just start.

I’m a person prone to over-analysis and perfectionism. If I don’t plunge right in and do it, I usually don’t do it at all. Everyone else will be doing it, and I’ll be sitting on the sidelines, trying to figure out the perfect way to start.

So I know from experience that I can’t let myself get stuck in analysis paralysis. So I’m starting. With this post.

This is a blog. My blog. I’m a chemistry geek (hence the sn), scientist, soon-to-be PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering, asthmatic, atheist, feminist, and suspected autistic woman. Here, I’ll blog about… well, whatever I feel like blogging about.

Once I get started.

Which I’m doing… now.


4 thoughts on “Starting.

  1. autisticook says:

    I’m so glad to see you’ve started writing your own blog! I have enjoyed reading your comments on other blogs and often thought it would be great to see what you could do with more space. If that makes sense. Anyway. Looking forward to reading more!

    • ischemgeek says:


      This isn’t going to be about anything in particular. Mostly just me writing about whatever I feel like writing about that day. Right now, I seem to be averaging a post every other day or so, but I imagine it’ll drop off a bit eventually.

  2. […] I mentioned in my first post, I have asthma (feel free to call me asthmatic, I don’t mind it – the asthma community […]

  3. loonygenius says:

    I am the same. I have had my wordpress blog picked out for a few weeks now but not properly started… because I don’t know what the first post should be. So you’ve inspired me to just plunge right in! Thanks 🙂

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