Itchy itchy.

Contact dermatitis + dermatographia.

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Itchy!

I hate it when my allergies act up. Work, y u mow grass during working hours? 😦

Also, note to self: take a freaking shower when you get home from work if they’ve been mowing the lawn at work. Else you’ll be trying to flay your skin with your fingernails from the itching that evening. 



2 thoughts on “Itchyitchyitchyitchyitchy.

  1. autisticook says:

    That sounds itchy. *sympathy scratching ensues*

    • ischemgeek says:

      It was bad enough that I took Benadryl and let it knock me out – and I hate the face-tingly feeling Benadryl gives me. But face-tingly oppressive drowsiness is better than having both legs from mid-thigh down be hives.

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