So, for me, how ill I’m feeling has a tendency to be inversely proportional to how ill I actually am with something. I get a cold, and I’m a whiny, postrate, miserable mess. By contrast, I get pneumonia, and I argue with my prof over whether or not I should be in bed. I think it’s a mental self-defense mechanism where when I’m sick-sick my brain shuts down the sick signals so I can still function, because I was sick all the time as a kid. That holds until it exceeds my brain’s ability to compensate, and then I’m a whimpering, writhing agony blob on the floor/bed/appropriate horizontal surface like happened a month and a half ago when I abscessed a tonsil and remained unaware of it until my lymph nodes tried to explode (true story. Also: if you have trouble noticing body stuff and you notice your throat is sore three times in a week, get it checked out before your lymph nodes swell to the size of golf balls).

Understandably, my doc put me on antibiotics at the time.

Which brings me to today. For the past week, off and on, I’ve had digestive issues. No biggie – my GI nerves don’t work right. I get them a lot.

And then Wednesday night, everything kicked into high gear. I spent most of yesterday vaguely dizzy and crampy and crapping out blood. So today I go to the doctor. Because as oblivious as I can be sometimes, even I know that crapping blood isn’t exactly normal.

There are a whole bunch of things this could be, ranging from the benign and annoying to the deadly serious. Given my medical history and family history, age, and diet, I’m guessing on the milder end of the spectrum (milder being a relative term here). I’ll know more after I see the doc.


9 thoughts on “Obliviousness

  1. autisticook says:

    Good luck with that! My ex had a shitload (unintentional pun, sorrysorrysorry) of trouble getting someone to take his crapping out blood seriously. Like. Hello. Blood. I hope you get a better result and doctors should damn well listen to you. Because it’s hard enough dealing with medical issues when your first instinct is already to say there’s nothing wrong and it’ll probably pass, sorry for making a fuss by mentioning it.

    • ischemgeek says:

      Well, I do have a family history of autoimmune GI conditions (my extended family is a veritable herd of medical zebras). So, hopefully that’ll help on the take it seriously front.

      Personally, I’m leaning toward antibiotic reaction, since the timeline and symptoms are right for pseudomembranous colitis (can you tell I’m one of those people who reads all of the things for drugs she’s given and then Googles any words she doesn’t recognize?) or some other antibiotic-related enterocolitis.

      • autisticook says:

        Reading all the information you can get on stuff people want to put in your body is A Good Thing ™. 😛

        In fact, it’s why my latest favourite anti-vaxxer argument is “Did you know there’s ALUMINIUM IN VIAGRA!!!” (Aluminium Lake. Food colouring. But I’m counting on the mercury people to take me at my word). 😛

      • ischemgeek says:

        Yes to reading info being a good thing.

        Also, antivaxers piss me off. Did you hear about the one who exposed a maternity ward full of pregnant people and infants to measles recently?

      • autisticook says:

        I hadn’t heard about it but for [redacted]y [redacted]’s sake. What a [redacted]head.

  2. I hope it turns out to be something minor! Antibiotics can really mess up your system. Some of the potential side effects of the ones I was on recently looked downright horrifying. (I’m pretty sure crapping blood was listed among them.)

    • ischemgeek says:

      I hope so, too. The NP I saw (they didn’t have a doc free, but she could handle it and was awesome) took it seriously and ordered a battery of tests. Also she provided me with a list of IF -> THEN type of instructions, which were frank, clear and helpful (IF your bleeding gets worse, THEN go to ER. IF dehydrated THEN go to ER. If severe abdominal pain, THEN go to ER. IF start vomiting THEN go to ER. IF spike a fever THEN go to ER. IF get sweaty, shaky and/or weak THEN go to ER IF diarrhea becomes severe, THEN go to ER – basically IF any symptoms get worse or something new and highly unpleasant appears THEN go to ER.). Nothing vague like some medical practitioners use.

      She says she’s thinking most likely 1, viral gastroenteritis, 2 pseudomembranous colitis, or 3, bacterial infection of some sort. Thankfully, while autoimmune colitis is in the top 10 of possibilities, it’s not in the top 3. So, that’s good.

      • autisticook says:

        She sounds most awesome! I love those IF / THEN scenarios. Very clear communicator.
        You could also say IF (things stay exactly the same) {wait for test results;} ELSE {go to ER;}. Me being geeky. 😛

      • ischemgeek says:

        … I have a history of not going in unless I’ve been explicitly told to go in for something, even if I really should, so I’m kinda glad she didn’t format it that way, but I like your way of expressing it.

        I do strongly believe that if you couldn’t express medical instructions in code, they’re not explicit enough.

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