The downside of ligamentous laxity

So, I have ligamentous laxity in my wrists, ankles, and fingers. Basically, my ligaments are too loose so the joints tend to be more prone to stuff like sprains.

I do martial arts, in a style that involves grappling.

This is about as good a combination as it sounds, but I love martial arts and won’t stop it.

Basically, my ligamentous laxity makes my hands, fingers and ankles hypermobile. I’m not talking Ehlers-Danlos level hypermobility, but I can walk on the top of my feet if I want to because my ankles are so flexible, and my wrists and fingers likewise bend more than they’re supposed to. Upside: It’s hard to get wrist and ankle locks on me. Downside: The line between “I feel the lock” and “Ow, I just got injured” is hair-thin for me.

So, in class yesterday, we were working a wrist lock and something happened to my wrist. I’m not sure what.  I heard a click and felt something shift, and my wrist has felt odd ever since, in a, “I don’t think I’m supposed to feel stuff move when I bend it” sort of way.

It’s not hugely painful, but I’m a weirdo with my pain tolerance. I over-react to minor injuries (stubbing my toe can see me limping the rest of the day), and under-react to major ones (I walked 5k on a broken ankle once because I fell and broke my ankle on the way home and I didn’t want to wait on the side of a country road when there’s coyotes around, nor did I want to bother the neighbours to ask for a ride. I wasn’t even limping bad and didn’t realize how seriously I’d screwed up my ankle until I removed my boot and it blew up to the size of a cantaloupe). Moderate injuries, like sprains and suchlike, are sometimes perceived as moderately painful, sometimes severe, sometimes mild (the time I bruised cartilege in my wrist, for example, felt severely painful, while most sprains I get feel mildly painful)

The point: I’m not sure if this is a serious injury or not. It might be just a sprain. Or maybe I tore something or shifted something out-of-place.

It’s swollen, but not hugely, and bruised, but not horribly. I’ll give it a few days and if it’s not better by the weekend, I’ll go to the doctor.

2 thoughts on “The downside of ligamentous laxity

  1. A click doesn’t seem good, though it’s probably better than a pop? When I tore my acl (while kicking someone in the head) I almost no swelling or bruising at first but serious pain and a loud popping sound, like when you open a can of soda. You are going to rest it for a few days, right?

    • ischemgeek says:

      Yeah, we’re on summer schedule so there’s no class till Saturday, anyway, so rest & ice and if it’s still bad Saturday, I just won’t do any contact.

      EDIT: Also, ACL, ouch! That’s one injury I’m lucky I avoided. I did sprain my knee skiing once, but fortunately for me, it was a relatively mild sprain and I got the relatively-less-nasty MCL sprain.

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