Noticing something

I just noticed that when I’m sick (like right now with an ear infection that kind of followed the same trajectory as my abscessed throat earlier this year – feel weird for 3 days, wake up with mild pain and by noon am a whining and writhing ball of pain and misery), I fidget a lot more.

I have been in constant motion all day. My calves are actually getting sore from how much leg-jiggling I’ve been doing. And I normally jiggle my leg a lot. And normally don’t get sore calves.

When it’s worse, I add in rocking. When it’s worst, I’ve gnawed on my knuckles or hit my thighs and whimpered a bit. Whilst rocking and jiggling my legs.

I took ibuprofen earlier, and it helped some. That’s why I’m just leg jiggling and occasionally rocking a bit. I’m going to switch to Naproxen this evening once it’s safe to because it’s already wearing off and I still have two hours before I can take anything else.

It’s funny. People like my partner get lethargic and move less when they’re in pain/sick. Seems like I’m wired to do the opposite and actually move more.

Which, if you’ve ever seen me fidget my way through a work day, you’d know that’s saying something.


9 thoughts on “Noticing something

  1. autisticook says:

    Same here. I once had a root canal infection that went on for a bit too long and by the end of it I was curled up on the floor jiggying and rocking like mad. Anything to override the other sensations.

    • ischemgeek says:

      My partner had a root canal infection a few years ago. Watching him, I could tell it was extremely painful. Sympathy.

      Also: Override other sensations makes sense. Might explain why I’m also more prone to hyperfocus when I’m hurt/sick.

      • bjforshaw says:

        OUCH!! Been there when I was in my teens and I remember being extremely fidgety and irritable, alternately curling up and thrashing about in bed (couldn’t sleep at all until I finally got to see a dentist for treatment two days later).

  2. autisticook says:

    Oh. Erm. Also. I hope you feel better soon. *blushes*

    • ischemgeek says:

      .. if I had a dollar for every time I’ve done that, I’d be rich. XD

      Edit to add: By which I mean: No worries, I’ve done that before too many times to count, and I appreciate the sympathy.

      • autisticook says:

        It really is funny in a way because I know you weren’t posting this to ask for sympathy so I’m responding to what you were posting about and then I feel guilty for not being sympathetic.

  3. Alana says:

    Me too! It’s always confusing, also, when I wake up the day after being particularly stressed or something, and my legs are really tired, and it takes me a while to realize why.

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