So, I’d planned to have a nice post written up for today about science article red flags, but then my ear became a lot more sore, and then it became a lot less sore because my eardrum ruptured.

And now I’m vaguely queasy. And my ear isn’t hearing too good.

Medical hotline said it’s fine unless my ear becomes severely painful again, or unless I develop symptoms of meningitis (well, they didn’t call it that, but trying to talk around it doesn’t really work when you’re talking to someone who knows medical stuff…) or unless my earache doesn’t disappear by Saturday.

But that’s why I haven’t finished the post I’d planned for today.


4 thoughts on “Ow.

  1. Alana says:

    I’m looking forward to the science article red flags when you feel better, though BECAUSE SCIENCE!

  2. autisticook says:

    Ruptured eardrum is not fun. I hope you’re taking it easy!

    • ischemgeek says:

      My body is kind of forcing the issue, with nausea whenever I get up and move too much.

      Which is annoying, because I’m still not feeling exhausted, plus something really cool is happening in my research so I’m in the lab trying not to push myself too hard, while trying to figure out what it is because I don’t want to put it off. Weekend’s tomorrow, I can rest then.

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