Plz explain why an engineering building is so badly organized.

So, first I have to rant about the completely nonexistant organization to the engineering building I’ll be attending most of my classes in:

Literally, no organization whatsoever. I am not exaggerating.

On a given floor, you can have a sequence like 11, 39, 38, 40, 79. That’s an actual room number sequence on one of the floors. Or you’re wandering around 9, 10, 11, 44, 33, 21, 7, 8. WTF?!

And that’s only one side of the hall. The other side of the hall usually – but not always – has nothing to do with the side you’re looking at. Occasionally, they decide to alternate the numbering down the hall odds on one side and evens on the other just for fun, so you can’t even depend on that.

Oh, and even though the hall layout remains the same – for the most part – floor-to-floor, they decided it would be a grand idea to change the numbering schemes completely floor to floor. So if you go to a room with location Y on floor X, and then go up a floor but to the exact part of the floor, you’ll be in a room with a completely different room number.

Oh, and then for funsies they decided to give building wings their own floor numbers so you’re walking along floor X and suddenly you’re on floor X+5, but if you were to turn left at that juncture you’d come to floor X+3, and if you turn right, it’s floor X-1. If you go up two floors you come to floor X-3 but up one floor and you go to X+1 and down one floor and you’re on X+2. Another actual numbering scheme that actually exists in that building.

Oh, but they can’t hand out building schematics to new students, oh no. That would be too easy. Better to have us wander around completely lost throughout the entire building and spend 2+ hours looking for a single classroom (I’ve done that twice already this semester). I met someone I recognize from another department who works there now and I just go ask him for directions when I need to go somewhere new since he has copies of the building schematics and can tell me where to go (I will have to figure out where the hell he got those and/or borrow them from him to get copies of my own). And once I know a way to get to a classroom, I only go that way because if I try to find a shortcut, I will get lost because nothing makes sense. It’s like someone who read way the fuck too much Alice in Wonderland designed the place.

When I’m trying to find my way around that building, I’m always completely disoriented and wanting to scream, “WHO THE HECK THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD WAY TO DESIGN THIS BUILDING?!”

I misremembered my class time earlier today (because all my other classes start at half past and in my old program, classes on M/W/F started at half past and classes T/Th started on the hour, so today being Wednesday I thought it started on the half hour… I was wrong) and then when I remembered, I was already five minutes late. So I went sprinting across campus (the lab I work is in a different building from the class) to the classroom. But in the building, I got lost. Then I found the right room, but was a half hour late. I over-apologized (as usual) and spent the rest of the lecture staring at the table in mortification. A guy I met in the summer from an upper year in the program told me not to worry and that there are always newbie latecomers in the first few seminars since the building is such a maze and you can work in it for years and still not know where everything is (no, really, he’s been there for almost three and still doesn’t know where everything is).

So… yes. I don’t like the building. Can you tell?

3 thoughts on “Plz explain why an engineering building is so badly organized.

  1. Alana says:

    So many science-y buildings have absolutely HORRIBLE, illogical organization. I’ve never met one quite that bad, though.

    • ischemgeek says:

      I didn’t even get into how the floors sometimes change as you walk down a hallway. In one area, if you walk along one floor, it changes to another, but if you turn left, it’s a third, but if you turn right, it’s a fourth.

      … all with no level change or sign of the floor change.

  2. Has anyone dubbed it Escher Hall yet? It seems to be a prime candidate for the name.

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