Who gave me the productivity pill?

I have no idea how I managed it, but, I’ve completed a bunch of stuff early lately.

  • Two work reports (two days and three days early, respectively)
  • Two homework assignments (okay, both only a day early, but still, early is early)
  • Annnnd *drumroll please* my research proposal.

The last of which I’m just freaking gobsmacked over because I finished it five days early.

Five days!

That never happens. Never! Especially not since it was something new to me (I’ve written proposals before, but never for my research, just for someone else who’s bad at writing and needed me to put their thoughts into pretty words for them. I’ve never written one on my own for my stuff).

How the fuck have I ended up on top of the metaphorical ball and how the hell do I stay here?

Allow me to explain how freaking huge this is: In high school, I would’ve been hitting submit about two minutes before it was due. In uni same deal. I used to have to wake up at Oh God Early (think ~2AM, and I was a kid who usually didn’t go to bed till 1ish because I was a night owl for both high school and uni), and pound it out morning it was due.

The procrastination monkey has been on my back pretty much constantly since I was born, is what I’m saying.

But not right now. I’m getting shit done. On time. I am baffled. How the heck did this happen?

How do I keep it up?

8 thoughts on “Who gave me the productivity pill?

  1. bjforshaw says:

    That is so awesome!! Maybe your procrastination monkey took a vacation?

    • ischemgeek says:

      Actually, now that I think of it, I think it’s typically not an issue of procrastination. Maybe procrastination is a misnomer – procrastination implies you know you’re supposed to do something else but you’re not doing it. I do that, sometimes. But way, way more often, it completely slips my mind until I remember, ohcrap, that’s due today!

      Or worse, I get to class and the prof is all, “Okay, everyone hand in their assignments,” and I’m just like, “Wait, assignment? What? Ohcrap, that’s due today?!

      … sooo, maybe, it’s the fact that the new electronic course system at my uni was something I liked so much, I adapted it to my work with Google calendar and it’s helping more than I thought.

      • bjforshaw says:

        Now *that* is familiar: I’ve lost count of the number of meetings I’ve missed at work because, well, it’s in my calendar but I didn’t remember to look and by the time I do remember it’s finished. *shrugs*

  2. autisticook says:

    That is so awesome! I recognise your bafflement though. And that creeping fear that if you were able to do it this time, then what does that mean if you won’t be able to do it next time? I think I recognise how demanding you are of yourself. I think what I want to say is go ahead and feel awesome for this thing. No matter what issues you struggle with or how many fails you’ll have in the future (and yes I know that sounds depressing but fails happen and it’s not your fault), YOU DID THIS. And that is worth a celebration.

    • autisticook says:

      Also. Maybe I’m just projecting. But I always love getting some recognition for doing a thing. Just one thing. When it’s right. When I know what I had to overcome to get it right. And that recognition happens so effing rarely. SO GO YOU.

    • ischemgeek says:

      Self-demanding yes and also perfectionist. I can get 99 things of a 100 thing to-do list done, and I’ll be fretting about the one that’s left.

      And the creeping fear thing in part because I know next time I have an executive function fail, my brain will be going, “Oh, well, it’s just your own fault for being lazy because you can get your act together when you really want to, just remember that super busy week in October when you not only got everything done but also got it done early! No excuses! Willpower! Etc”

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