Silly brain.

Go to the kitchen for coffee. End up tidying all the countertops and doing all the dishes. Return to my room, no coffee.

Get started on assignment. End up writing two posts for blog, doing some moderating, and reading about gas hourly space velocity (which, while interesting, is not relevant to assignment). Return to word processor, no assignment.


Stuff like that? Why I say I’m not lazy, though I do have a hard time getting shit I want done done.


2 thoughts on “Silly brain.

  1. autisticook says:

    When I am actually lazy, I am FAR more inventive in the stuff I do because I don’t want to do something. The stuff I do because my brain just has no idea how to prioritise always sounds a bit weird and disjointed. It’s why executive function makes so much sense. I’m very good at being truly lazy, and the other stuff didn’t feel like true laziness. Even though I learned to label it as such because why else wouldn’t I pay my bills on time?

    • ischemgeek says:

      Forgetting to pay bills on time = why I took me out of the equation for everything and just set it up to autodeduct on payday.

      Can cause trouble if I’m short of cash that month (going to buy meds and food, discover I only have enough for meds or food happens on occasion), but my credit rating is steadily improving as a result.

      Meds might not cost as much next month, as I’m having a super-rare but rather-serious reaction to one med currently (it’s on the list of “stop taking this med immediately and go to your doctor ASAP” side effects) and will probably have to stop taking that class of meds. I’m in no immediate danger, but I really need to stop taking it.

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