I was sick earlier this week.

Soooo asthma’s acting up. Like whoa.

Will be quiet till my lungs start to behave. Stress + illness + travelling soon + busy + holidays => everything is hard. Saving energy for holiday visits and suchlike.

And lots of Ventolin doesn’t exactly help – side effect = tremor. Hard to make food and suchlike.

Storming. Had to shovel. Lungs don’t like shovelling when asthma flareup.

I have an inflammed feeling in my chest. And lots of coughing. Not fun. Yellow zoning. Hope it works and I don’t end up on pred. Pred sucks.

That is all.

That’s all.


2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. autisticook says:

    Doesn’t sound good.Take care of yourself. I’m hoping you’ll get through the traveling + holidays thing okay. *randomvirtualstrangerinternethugs*

    • ischemgeek says:

      If I can get asthma flareup to break to the point where I can stop retreating to the bathroom to chew on my hands and rocking constantly, I’ll be fine. I’m at a semisocial thing so. Yeah. Alternative would be turtling under blanket fort, but I don’t wanna miss game night.

      But I need this to break before family visit. Neeed it. Else I’ll spend the visit blanketforting, which they’ll get because asthma but it’ll be no fun (can’t do rockyflappyhandchewy action at my parents even if I feel like crap cuzyeahno).

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