Public service announcement

If you are not disabled, you should go to Twitter and look up the hashtag #abledpeoplesay and then not do any of the things being vented about there.

If you are disabled, go look it up to have camraderie and learn about microaggressive things to other disabilities.

I might have posted way too many of them yesterday as the trend took off shortly after I was chewed out on public transit for treating an asthma flareup. Because won’t somebody please think of the children?! And it’s apparently inappropriate to take inhalers on a bus.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Public service announcement

  1. alexforshaw says:

    I’m so shocked and angry that anybody would react like that to taking an inhaler to treat asthma in public. And as for thinking of the children: what the hell kind of an example are they setting for children with ignorant behavior like that? (It’s a good thing I’m typing this because if I was speaking I’d be shouting!)

  2. ischemgeek says:

    It happens a lot. Also exhortations to stop setting a bad example, people calling me a druggie, people telling me to “do that in private” as if medicine is obscene, people telling me I don’t really need it, people telling me all I need is willpower, people telling me to lose weight (even though I’m at a healthy weight), people telling me I need to exercise more, people telling me to stop seeking attention, people telling me that Big Pharma is out to get me and asthma medicine is all a scam because it’s all in treating symptoms not cures so it doesn’t work and oh by the way have I considered this alternative treatment and so on and so forth.

    I could go on.

    But I treat my asthma in public on purpose – one, it sends an example to asthmatic kids who see me treating it in public that it’s okay to do so (I’ve heard more than a few kids exclaim, “Look! That lady has asthma, too!”), two, it sends an example to non-asthmatics that treating asthma in public is no big deal, and three, it’s a small act of defiance against those who think being chronically ill in public is obscene.

  3. notesoncrazy says:

    I am so incredibly sad and angry for you that a human could say something like that to you. That’s just gross and unacceptable. PLEASE keep taking a stand. It is so admirable and so, so important.

    • ischemgeek says:

      It’s not just a human, sadly. It’s many humans. A lot of people seem to think that being chronically ill in public is obscene.

      • notesoncrazy says:

        That is sad. It is really really sad. Stigma in general is unpleasant and frustrating, regardless of origin or “justification” (snark quotes), but to imagine such stigma surrounding an observable, physical illness, and not just the illness but your diligent and important self-care…it’s just mind-boggling.

  4. It never would have even crossed my mind that someone would think a rescue inhaler was inappropriate. Next time someone says that I’d tell them ok maybe next time I’ll do something more appropriate like gasp for air and collapse in front of your child ..I’m sure the bus stopping so I can be carted off by EMTs would be much less traumatic. Lol but that’s just me…the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

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