Weird health shit

I’m starting to adjust to the school situation, but as my body is wont to do, it decided to hit me with a new health cootie when I’m low on mental energy reserve, so I’ll be quiet a bit longer as I’m learning how to manage my what is probably reactive hypoglycemia.

I kinda have to devote full attention to that because seemingly-random hypoglycemic episodes are not fun and also quite dangerous if you happen to be cutting up veggies at the time one hits (like last night).

My doctor and I are on the case. I’m not thrilled to have to learn how to manage yet another weird medical cootie (seriously, I have enough) but I don’t exactly get a choice in the matter so I have to adjust.

2 thoughts on “Weird health shit

  1. autisticook says:

    That sucks. Hope it’s just a temporary reaction to something. *random virtual stranger hugs*

    • ischemgeek says:

      Thanks. The doc thinks it’s most likely a medical cootie that I’ve had symptoms of since teenagerdom but stress & my scatterbrained tendency to forget to eat probably caused it to flare up.

      Adjusting my diet to minimize blood glucose spikes and thus prevent the blood sugar crashes is expected to control it, but I now need to have a new rescue med because nearly passing out from hypoglycemia is a thing that’s happened 6 times in the past 4 days (once with a knife in my hand) and so when that happens, I need to get blood sugar up quick. So, yey, new med to take. :\

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