My gratitude to modern medicine

… this isn’t a long post. I have a few others that are on their way, but I’m not feeling up to proof-reading and editing just yet, so instead I’ll post about what’s on my mind.

I have a cold. Since I’m a moderate asthmatic, that means also that I’m having a flare-up. Since a med side-effect made me stop one of my control meds two months ago and we haven’t figured out what to replace it with yet, that means it’s a rather significant flare-up. I don’t have a peak flow meter, but based on symptoms and inhaler need, I’m probably having a moderate flare-up – my first in about a year.

I don’t have to go to the ER, but I feel rather shitty.

That said, I’m grateful that I live in a time when medicine has made it possible for a cold to be merely a pain in the rear, and not a trip to the ER or even something life-threatening. I’m grateful that medication exists that can let me breathe mostly-normally most of the time. And I’m really, really grateful that when my chest gets tight and breathing gets laboured, relief is just a few doses of inhaler.

This isn’t a well-written, edited and composed post like I prefer to post. But… medicine, and science, makes my life much easier than it would be otherwise, and I want to express that gratitude, while it’s on my mind.


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