Sleep problems and executive function

I wonder how many people with executive function issues have sleep problems due to it. I probably will do a follow-up post after I’ve had time to do some reading and research. This post is purely anecdotal.

For me, there’s a difference between insomnia and forgetting to sleep.

Insomnia is knowing I need to sleep and wanting to sleep because I feel like crap but not being able to sleep because anxiety or hurt or meltdown or what have you. I do get it sometimes, and it sucks. 

Forgetting to sleep, on the other hand, is why I’ve operated on <4 hours of sleep every day for the past five days. “Hmm, I should go to bed soonish. One more episode of House of Cards first wouldn’t hurt, though.” *four hours later* “Shit, is it one thirty already?!”  It’s low body awareness (don’t notice I’m tired) coupled with preserveration (binge watching a show I just discovered and enjoy) and a lack of awareness that the clock, which is right by the TV, is showing a later and later time on a work night. 

Sound familiar to anyone?

4 thoughts on “Sleep problems and executive function

  1. alexforshaw says:

    This sounds so familiar, except that it’s reading for me rather than watching TV. “Just one more chapter before I put the book down.” And sometimes I wake up with the bedside light still on and my book lying where I dropped it! I think it’s more a case of becoming so engrossed in what I’m doing that I lose track of time.

    • ischemgeek says:

      I’ve pulled so many accidental all-nighters with books, it’s not even funny. The benefit of watching a show – sooner or later, Netflicks asks if you’re sure you want to keep watching, and that usually prompts me to check the clock and go “Ohcrap, I should’ve been in bed three hours ago!”

      • This is me! I’ve been up until 4am the morning of important exams because at 8pm I thought “I’ll just read a few more pages and then go to bed” only to find myself with less than three hours of sleep before I have to go off to write an exam. If only books had something in them every chapter or so to say “check the clock, are you sure you want to continue?”.

  2. I’m not autistic but likely ADD and i too do this almost every night…for me its the net. I could be counting the hrs til bedtime since noon, put munchkin to bed at 9, then of course feel like i should take a few min of me time and catch up…before I know it ive been down one rabbit hole and another until 1,2 even 3 am…no bueno when said munchkin is usually up between 5-7

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