Why I Will Not Finish Writing My Book

I have no words for how messed up this is.

2 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Finish Writing My Book

  1. Thanks. Still waiting to hear from the government. *sigh* This is, sadly, part of a larger pattern of being lied to and bullied by government workers. Not so great to really need government assistance to survive and go through decades of being treated like the assistance is grudgingly given, at best. Hard not to give in to the “little voices in my head” that say things like, “you’re a burden to society.” Hard to try to give back to society (through writing an trying to help others) and get financially punished for it. Hard to stay strong with the constant threat of losing what keeps me fed and not-homeless.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting this battle for all of us and sometimes I just feel alone and crushed.

    • ischemgeek says:

      I get you on the little voices. I can’t really offer any good advice as I’ve never been in your situation. I do support you in this fight – there’s no words for how wrong sabotaging your work like this is.

      I hope you’re able to find some support from people familiar with the system in the States so you don’t have to go it alone against the jerks.

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