What happens when you get two people who are bad at phone convos on the phone with each other.

Here’s the tail end of an actual phone conversation I had today, with a coworker who likewise hates talking on the phone, presented without comment.

Him: So we’ll do that, and on Monday you can finish that up, then?

Me: Yep.

*awkward silence*

Him: So…

Me: Yes?

*awkward silence*

Him: … is there anything else?

Me: … No? No, I don’t think so.

*awkward silence*

Him: Well, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to hang up now.

Me: Okay.

*awkward silence*

Him: Right. Hanging up now.

Me: Mm-hmm.

*awkward silence*

Him: Bye.

Me: Oh, okay. Bye.

*he hangs up*


7 thoughts on “What happens when you get two people who are bad at phone convos on the phone with each other.

  1. alexforshaw says:

    I have had similar exchanges face-to-face where I don’t have anything to say but don’t know the script for ending a conversation politely. It feels so awkward when I just stand there wanting to walk away but bound by “the rules” to stay until I can recognize the exchange is completed.

  2. I hate talking on the phone so sounds like half of mine

  3. Alana says:

    This is my phone conversations, too! The good thing about phones at least is that when you are done, at least you are in a different place than the other person, as opposed to in person when you have to also work out the how-to-leave part. But people who talk to me regularly on the phone are used to these apparently awkward pauses in the conversation.

    • ischemgeek says:

      On the how-to-leave part: I realized yesterday that some people don’t seem to have to announce when they’re leaving to avoid being thought of as rude (I announce every time just to be safe). I will have to observe this phenomenon in more detail to see how it’s done.

  4. Haha! I hate using the phone, and have trained most people to text me instead! My one aunt always texts me or emails me because she hates the phone too!

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