Stress and executive function

One thing that is a major challenge for me, especially now that I’m (mostly) managing my own schedules is how stress makes my executive function skills evaporate.

In the past week, I’ve: missed 3 important appointments, 1 party I promised to attend, and 3 meetings.

I forgot to register for summer session until the secretary for my program emailed me and asked if I was dropping out.

I am unable to focus on studying for more than 5 minutes except when I focus so strongly I forget to eat anything all day until 4PM.

I’ve missed every class of a seminar course this month.

I double-booked a party with my martial arts responsibilities, when I’ve been attending martial arts on the same time and day for the past five years. How do you forget something you’ve attended at that time and day for five years?!

I’ve forgotten to get milk for three days, and forgotten that we’re out of milk for 3 days, and am thus starting a dry cereal bowl collection in the fridge because it hasn’t occurred to me once to put the damn cereal back in the damn box.

And I put my damn shirt on inside-out this morning.

I’m so fucking scattered that I need my partner to help me stay on task when I’m cooking lest I burn the place down by doing something foolish like sticking a jar of oil on a hot burner. Which has been done by me before when I was this stressed.

My shit, it is not together.

This has been a case study of what stress can do to a person’s executive function.

One thought on “Stress and executive function

  1. I feel like my executive function is on break lately. Not to one-up you, but one day I wore my shirt inside out AND backwards for most of the day until someone noticed! I never thought to connect it to stress. Could be why, when I’m nervous at work, I turn into a babbling ball of nonsense!

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