Again and again and again.

TW: murder, suicide, murder-suicide, ableism, and victim-blaming

It’s happened again.

Another parent has decided to murder their autistic kid.

RIP Robbie. You did not deserve what your mother did to you.

The article is fucking disgusting, too. All of the “distraught mother” tropes and all the painting the victim as the villain and his murderer as the victim.

And I’m so damn tired that every single time some parent decides that disabled kids aren’t worthy of life, we have to have a huge fucking fight over whether or not we’re people and deserve to have our murders treated as such.

I just wish that just once allistic people would STFU and let autistic people grieve for a murdered one of our own in peace without having to fight over whether or not we’re people and whether or not our murders actually count as murder-murder.

See also: Cue allistic parents whining, “But services!” as if that excuses anything in 3… 2… 1…


2 thoughts on “Again and again and again.

  1. notesoncrazy says:

    And of course, the calls of “but services!” are screaming for more services for parents and more resources for parents and more support groups for parents

    Yes, let’s all throw still more money at Autism Speaks to give validation to parents that their lives are tragedies and that they deserve sympathy and aid because of the trauma of having to take care of their autistic children. /sarcasm

    Here’s a radical thought! Let’s put just a tiny percentage of the money ALREADY dedicated to those parents into providing services for the autistic people themselves. We could even have services designed to ensure that autistic people are being cared for by people who won’t murder them.

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