When I am lazy

Just because I feel like posting something light-hearted, I thought I’d make a post about what I do when I’m being lazy with my schoolwork. This is what laziness looks like in me (science and engineering types may relate – especially those from places with harsh winters):

  • 9 pages of calculus to derive and equation I need from first principles because I don’t want to go to the library to get a copy of the course textbook because that means going outside when it’s -30C out.
  • Using my scanner to photocopy the special report paper my assignments have to be completed on  because I don’t want to go back to campus to pick up the pad I forgot there.
  • Two hours of calculus so I can avoid leaving the building to pick up my notebook to get an equation I need for an assignment
  • One hour of Excel programming so I won’t have to solve an iterative problem by hand… which probably would’ve only taken 20 minutes or so to solve by hand but I refuse to be a human computer, damn it, that’s what computers are for.
  • Two hours of programming to solve the general case of an assignment because I resent assignment that consist of forced practice… when just doing the assignment probably would’ve only taken a half hours.

And so on. In general “me being lazy” consists of me refusing to do things I find outrageously tedious (e.g. iterative problems by hand, forced practice of the same type of problem over and over), or avoiding going outside in cold weather. I can and will often go to great lengths to avoid doing those things.

What do you look like when you’re being lazy?

7 thoughts on “When I am lazy

  1. trdimc says:

    a computer stuck to my leg, a bowl of ice cream and sun shining brightly through the window : } put a smile on my lazy face

  2. Math never seems to correlate with my mind. I’m more English savvy. So I am highly impressed with this “When I am lazy” post. 🙂 When I am lazy I just go on my phone and watch Netflix but you sir are a genius! Makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life. Keep up the good work!

  3. alexforshaw says:

    What do I look like when I’m being lazy? Usually hunched over a keyboard, furiously typing code, oblivious to everything around me as I put together some program to automate a repetitive, tedious task (such as parsing and validating file formats and so on).

    On the other hand, I used to do arithmetic by hand at school because it was enjoyable and gave me a sense of accomplishment that was lacking if I resorted to tapping keys on a calculator.

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