chronic illness whine

Having a chronic illness is really annoying in one respect that is hitting me right now: I can never just get a cold.

No. A cold is not just a cold for me.

It’s a cold plus an asthma flareup.

Or a cold plus a sinus infection.

Or a cold plus a chest infection.

Or a cold plus all of the above, with bilateral ear infections thrown in for funsies, like I have right now.

If you have no chronic illness, think of all the times you’ve caught a cold in the past year. Now imagine that because of complications related to your chronic illness, every cold took you between twice and four times as long to recover from.

Welcome to my life, and that’s why I wash my hands so damn much and bring lunch from home every day during cold/fu season.

Because when it fails, I feel like crap for weeks on end.  And because med side effects are a thing, I’m stuck in a holding pattern of bad enough I feel like crap, not quite bad enough to warrant taking the next level of treatment to it. I just love hanging out in the nowhere land of “too bad for sick plan, not bad enough for prednisone” when my symptoms are bad enough to suggest bacterial but not quite bad enough to try antibiotics for another few days unless things get worse.

Not in a good mood today – I hope I’ll be more like myself next time I post. About the only thing worse than feeling like crap is feeling like crap and being unable to do anything about it except wait and see. I hate waiting. Especially when I’m sick and what I’m waiting on is whether I get better on my own or have to take meds with side effects that make me more miserable so that I can force the issue and get better. Argh.


One thought on “chronic illness whine

  1. Err..I know how ear infections feel like. Ouch!

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