Signal boost: Walk in Red for Autism Acceptance & Tone it Down Taupe

Because I have no idea whether I’ll feel well enough to participate tomorrow. Protest harmful “awareness” by Toning it Down Taupe this April, and rather than Lighting It Up Blue for autism fear-mongering, Walk in Red for Autism Acceptance.

If you have any questions about what either of these are about, please ask on the pages I’ve linked. I normally would be happy to explain, but I am genuinely really, really sick right now and not feeling up to much of anything.

2 thoughts on “Signal boost: Walk in Red for Autism Acceptance & Tone it Down Taupe

  1. Patricia says:

    Reblogged this on Spectrum Perspectives and commented:
    I love red – Got my shirt ready for tomorrow! #WalkInRed #RedInstead 🙂

  2. anastasia04 says:

    I’ve been around several people who have different types of autism. I’ve read a couple of your posts now and I wanted to compliment you. You’re a very talented writer. The world can be so darn cruel. Well, life is just cruel. Having to deal with some of the extra obstacles you face every single day and maybe at all times and reading your stuff gives inspiration. I believe people who (may) have unseen illnesses make those without the things someone like you struggles with can be a bigger person. For the most part things such as not taking many things in life for granted is definitely a great quality. Sorry you aren’t feeling well today and I appreciate reading your posts! I’ve got all signed up to begin my blog and the ideas for my posts are flying through my mind and complicating my own mental debate on what I want to put out there first…so heck, I think I will stop overthinking and just write!

    Again please know, I commend you and you truly do inspire me.

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