My gratitude to modern medicine

… this isn’t a long post. I have a few others that are on their way, but I’m not feeling up to proof-reading and editing just yet, so instead I’ll post about what’s on my mind.

I have a cold. Since I’m a moderate asthmatic, that means also that I’m having a flare-up. Since a med side-effect made me stop one of my control meds two months ago and we haven’t figured out what to replace it with yet, that means it’s a rather significant flare-up. I don’t have a peak flow meter, but based on symptoms and inhaler need, I’m probably having a moderate flare-up – my first in about a year.

I don’t have to go to the ER, but I feel rather shitty.

That said, I’m grateful that I live in a time when medicine has made it possible for a cold to be merely a pain in the rear, and not a trip to the ER or even something life-threatening. I’m grateful that medication exists that can let me breathe mostly-normally most of the time. And I’m really, really grateful that when my chest gets tight and breathing gets laboured, relief is just a few doses of inhaler.

This isn’t a well-written, edited and composed post like I prefer to post. But… medicine, and science, makes my life much easier than it would be otherwise, and I want to express that gratitude, while it’s on my mind.

Weird health shit

I’m starting to adjust to the school situation, but as my body is wont to do, it decided to hit me with a new health cootie when I’m low on mental energy reserve, so I’ll be quiet a bit longer as I’m learning how to manage my what is probably reactive hypoglycemia.

I kinda have to devote full attention to that because seemingly-random hypoglycemic episodes are not fun and also quite dangerous if you happen to be cutting up veggies at the time one hits (like last night).

My doctor and I are on the case. I’m not thrilled to have to learn how to manage yet another weird medical cootie (seriously, I have enough) but I don’t exactly get a choice in the matter so I have to adjust.