Asthma flare on a day when I’m busy doing physical lab chores all day.

Exhausted. When asthma’s acting up, walking drains me as much as jogging, and everything is twice as hard, and I was already spending 6 hours hauling around 45lb vacuum pumps with undergrads.

Having a hard time finishing sentences. Part because short of breath so I need to insert pauses. Part because just too tired.

Had to tell partner, who thought I thought he wasn’t paying attention because I was speaking so haltingly, “No, I know you’re paying attention.” Long pause. “It’s just… just thaaaat I’m really tired. So brain is like, ‘No, I don’t feel like giving you words for that.”

And he was all, “Oh.”

When I’m tired, brain decides I don’t need to remember how to say words.

Thankfully, I’m not so exhausted that my brain has decided I don’t need to remember how to write. That happens sometimes. It’s really annoying when it does.

I’m going to rest now.