Ugh, stutter.

So. I had a ridiculously busy weekend. Busy day today at work, too. Then someone was all, “Can you help Undergrad with Experiments this afternoon and teach him Techniques?”


My mouth had other ideas.

I’ve been dealing all afternoon with stutter issues where I have the word, and I know the word, and I just can’t get it out.


Today, I can make words happen… if I’m not looking at the person I’m speaking to and I talk at about half my normal speed, with… some… very unnatural… pauses… inserted. And, um. Lots of, um. Ums.

Undergrad is nice and understanding about it. Not certain whether he realizes how much of my energy is going towards getting words out today, but he didn’t tell me to spit it out or make fun when I dropped articles because why say “the valve” when saying “valve” is easier and gets the point across and words are like fighting through moleasses today?

(my mouth throws tantrums like a petulant toddler sometimes)

If I get a smartphone or tablet, I might install a text-to-voice system if my stutter plays up again when trying to teach. Because I was concentrating so much on speaking, I made a few oversights that could have been dangerous if he didn’t have the insight to ask me about them. Eeek.

Note to self: Next time coming off a busy weekend with guests and shopping and eating out and also 4 straight nights of <6 hrs sleep, make excuses to avoid teaching duties.