Why Don’t Kids Report Bullying?

Why Don’t Kids Report Bullying?

This post by Evil Autie basically sums up allll the reasons why I didn’t report.

Why report when nothing will happen?

Why report when it will get worse for me if I do?

Why report when I’m the problem?

Why report when chances are, it’ll be me that gets punished?

Yeah. Allllll the reasons.

And every bullied kid I’ve ever talked to in my life? Cites all those reasons, too. We don’t not report because we’re immature or scared or what have you. We don’t report because we know from experience it doesn’t go well.

6 thoughts on “Why Don’t Kids Report Bullying?

  1. autisticook says:

    Thank you so much for linking to EvilAutie’s post. That was an amazing piece of writing. I wish I could comment over there as well, but their blog thinks I’m a spammer for some reason. 😦

  2. invisibleautistic/Robin says:

    Uggh THIS. I reported my incident of bullying once about someone who I thought was a “friend” and was met with, “Oh, are you sure you’re not just having an argument?”

    Wait. Did you even hear what I just said? She was stealing my stuff!

    That guy did not have the tools to identify bullying and I distrusted the school system after that. Still do. Thankfully I had a supportive family who helped me fight this and make sure that he was taking me seriously…and after that this particular bully stopped bullying me. But I learned that you don’t just go around reporting to the school system that you have problems, because no one will help you. You’re pretty much alone in this unless you leave a paper trail, and even then…

    It might not help that much.

    I think I was just lucky.

  3. Astrid says:

    I can relate to this too. When I was bullie din junior high, my teacher’s solution was to meet wiht het entire class and allow them to tell him what they didn’t like about me.

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